How do I bid?

Watch a short presentation on bidding 


Bidding online

You can bid by logging in to the Search Moves site, which is usually quickest and easiest.

Once logged in, you can search available homes. If there are any properties which meet your needs, read the advert thoroughly and make note of the advert closing date. Check out the location map and local amenities, if you are able to you can even visit the area to see what it ‘feels’ like before bidding. This is an important choice as a lot of landlord time is wasted by applicants bidding on properties and then deciding the area is unsuitable for them. Applicants who refuse offers without good reason, or who do not attend viewings, may have their application suspended or demoted.

Automatic bidding

If your Search Moves Partner agrees, you can register for auto-bidding. This means you supply your Partner organisation with your requirements and they apply these to your application so that bids are placed automatically on exactly matching properties by the computer system. This is usually available to applicants who are unable to bid on-line and do not have anyone to help them.

Staff assistance

You can telephone, or make an appointment to visit the office of the Partner organisation and they can bid on your behalf if necessary.