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What is Search Moves?


Search Moves is a choice based lettings scheme provided by Spelthorne Borough Council, Elmbridge Borough Council and PA Housing. These organisations are known as the Search Moves Partners.


Search Moves is the principle way in which rented social housing in Elmbridge and Spelthorne boroughs is allocated to housing register applicants. It is also how PA Housing allocates properties available to its transfer applicants across the wider Surrey / SW London area.


A2Dominion have now left the Search Moves partnership and will be letting property via its own Choice Based Lettings scheme; HomeHunt.

If you are an A2Dominion tenant and you wish to discuss a transfer, please do not hesitate to contact the Central Lettings Team on 0208 825 1981.  Alternatively, please contact your chosen local authority for advice.

Elmbridge Borough Council and Spelthorne Borough Council are moving towards holding their own Allocations Policies which will set out the qualification criteria to be on their Housing register, and the priority given to applicants who qualify to be on it.

PA Housing now has a seperate Allocations Policy, to view click here.

The existing Common Allocations policy for Elmbridge and Spelthorne Council applicants is available here.

If you are a Key Worker looking for affordable rented accommodation you can also apply to PA Housing through Search Moves.

If you are looking for Shared Ownership properties please click below: