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SEARCH MOVES is a choice based lettings (CBL) scheme provided by Spelthorne Borough Council, Elmbridge Borough Council, A2Dominion Group and Elmbridge Housing Trust. Under this scheme housing applicants have choice about where they want to live. Runnymede Borough council is a current partner but they are now launching an independent lettings scheme and website RBC Living & Homes.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE for Runnymede members
When an existing Runnymede member logs into Search Moves they will automatically be redirected to the new RBC Living & Homes site and be asked to re-register for housing using the new on-line form in line with our new independent allocations policy which will be implemented from 1 April 2014. After you have re-registered, your banding assessment will not change until April 2014. You will receive correspondence from us in this period, by email and in some cases by letter, explaining what will happen once you have re-registered.

Due to the change over to the new Runnymede Borough Council website there are no RBC properties available in this current cycle.

This also affects other members with a local connection to Runnymede. If your application is currently with Elmbridge Borough Council, Spelthorne Borough Council, Paragon (EHT) or A2Dominion and you have a local connection to Runnymede you will need to re-apply directly to Runnymede Borough Council now in order to be able to bid for any properties in Runnymede Borough area.

If your application is currently with Runnymede Borough Council and you have a local connection to Elmbridge or Spelthorne (and want to bid on properties in those areas) you will need to re-apply separately directly to your landlord (if you are a tenant of Paragon or A2Dominion) or for other homeseekers to your local borough, i.e. Elmbridge or Spelthorne Borough Councils.

If you would like to discuss the changes further with a Runnymede Housing staff member please call 01932 425831.

New Allocations Policies. In the last year the Search Moves partners consulted widely on potential changes to their allocations policy. A new policy has been agreed by Spelthorne BC, Elmbridge BC, EHT, and A2D. The changes will take effect from spring 2014. This affects how applications are assessed and given priority. See below for more detail of the changes.
New online application process from spring 2014. All existing applicants will be invited to reapply for housing online on the Search Moves website (except A2Dominion Group tenants) and/or the RBC Living and Homes website. This is so we can assess all the applications fully against the relevant new allocation policy.

The following are the main changes for the Search Moves scheme:

• The remaining Search Moves partners will operate a 4 banding system, instead of the current 5 banding system.

• The criteria for local connection due to residence has changed – The remaining Search Moves partners will now require local residence for the last three years as a qualification.

• Applicants with no local connection to the boroughs of Spelthorne or Elmbridge will be removed from the housing register and any future applicants with no local connection will not qualify to register.

• Households earning £50,000 or more per annum (gross) or with total household savings are greater than £30,000 will not qualify for the Search Moves scheme.

• Property owners in the UK or abroad will not qualify for the Search Moves scheme.

• The Search Moves criteria for calculating bedroom shortage (or bedroom need) has changed.

• Private sector tenants (with an Assured Shorthold tenancy) with no other housing needs will be placed in band D (no housing priority.)

• The priority date for band B (urgent housing need) applications will change to the date their application was moved into that band (not the original application date.)

• Armed forces personnel will be given additional help under the new Search Moves scheme.

• Working households will be given additional help – a small proportion of advertised properties will be set aside exclusively for working applicants.

Full details of the new policy will be published shortly and everyone on the Search Moves housing registers will be contacted individually with details of any changes that affect them.

For further details on Runnymede Borough Councils’ new allocations policy and scheme please click here to see their website.

Search Moves was developed by Sector [UK] Ltd in partnership with LHS

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Bidding on issue 114 will close at 12 noon on Monday 21 April 2014

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